Our goal is to provide safe, reliable gas service to our customers and ensure the safety of people living and/or working near our gas pipelines. Public awareness is a critical component of our overall safety program. Every employee of Suburban Natural Gas must be committed to fulfilling our public awareness responsibilities.

The objectives of our Public Awareness Program are:
  • To educate both our customers and non-customers who live or work near our pipelines how to recognize the odor of natural gas and how to respond if they detect possible gas odors. Early recognition of gas odor and proper response can save lives.
  • To raise the awareness of the affected public and key stakeholders of the presence of buried natural gas pipelines in the communities we serve. A more informed public will also understand that they have a significant role in helping to prevent third-party damage accidents.
  • To help excavators understand the steps that they can make to prevent third-party damage and respond properly if they cause damage to our pipelines.
  • To help emergency response agencies that may assist Suburban Natural Gas in an emergency understand the proper actions to take in response to a gas release or emergency.