To cancel service please call your local office to schedule your final meter reading and to provide a mailing address for the final bill. A final reading can be scheduled Monday-Friday excluding holidays.

You can also cancel your service by emailing Please use the following format when canceling service:

Name on account:  (First and last name)
Account number:  (xxx-xxxx-xx)
Service address: (Street address)
Phone Number:
Wanted cancellation date:
New mailing address: (street address, city, state, zip code)
Used for sending the final invoice

We recommend contacting our office at least 3 business days in advanced to cancel service on your desired date. Contacting us day-of or after hours the day before could result in a later cancellation date.

Please note that service will be scheduled to be disconnected if new homeowners or tenants do not contact us to transfer service into their name. All landlords must have a filled out land lord agreement to have service transferred back into their name automatically.

Your final bill may not be mailed out directly after the final reading and could take up to a month to be generated and mailed.