Registering your account online allows you to view your account balance at any time and make payment online using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card. Your card information is not saved so you will need to re-enter your card information every time you make a payment.

Your online account also gives your access to your billing and payment history for the account. If you have multiple accounts with us you will need to register each account number.

Information you need to register your account:

Account number:  (xxx-xxxx-xx)
Mail-to ZIP code:
Most recent billed amount: (0 if not billed yet)
Email address: (email you would like to use for your login)

Information needed to recover your password:

Account number:  (xxx-xxxx-xx)
Mail-to ZIP code:
Email address: (email you used to register initially)

Having trouble registering your account or recovering the password?

Double check that the information you have entered is correct. The most recent billed amount is only the current charge and should not include any past due balance or late fee. Contact your local office if further assistance is needed or if you have any questions.

Cygnet, OH (419) 655-2345
Lewis Center, OH (740) 548-2450